Prayer is one way of showing devotion to God. In this spiritual aspect, having focus on meditation should be the primary focus and rosary is of great help. It will keep you track on how many times you have already said the prayer.We have rosaries that range in different colors such as red, brown, silver, gold, black and many more. As for the materials, the wood of an olive tree and hematite stones are used.All are said, our rosaries are just mediums to a smooth meditation. However, it is your faith that will bring forth to salvation. So keep up the faith and be with the Highest at all times.Enjoy Shopping!Always here for you.Contact us 24 7 : info@82global.com

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Meaning and Importance of Christian Baptism

Baptism to Christians is an outward testimony of what to happen in the believer’s life. When a Christian is baptized, he or she recognizes the life of Jesus Christ. More so, baptism illustrates the death of Christ, burial and His resurrection. This process is done through the immersion of the whole body into the water that eventually signifies a lot of things.

The Highlight of Baptism

Baptism is a perfect symbol that is filled with so much meaning. In the teachings of Paul who is a Christ’s disciple, a Christian must go through a similar experience to what Jesus Christ went through in His death, burial and resurrection. With this, during the Christian baptism, the person’s eyes are closed, his or her arms are on the chest, and the breath should be suspended – like death. However, it is only for a short while.

The immersion of water signifies the burial. On the other hand, the watery grave means a new life in Christ Jesus. When the person rises from the waters, the eyes are opened and he or she breathes again. With this, it will resemble resurrection. Furthermore, the bible tells the people those who were baptized in Christ, Jesus will live a new life. It is meaningful because the old ways are gone and new things are in the person. With this, the first gift that he or she will receive is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be the constant guide to help a Christian in his life. He helps the Christian in times of great sorrow and will be the constant reminder to stay on the path of Christ.

The requirements of Christian Baptism

First and foremost, the person who wished to be baptized must find in his or her heart that he accepts Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior. Secondly, the person must understand what baptism signifies. Baptism is not just something to be done with haste. Christian baptism is a big step of complete obedience in Christ, and that the person is publicly proclaiming his or her faith in Jesus Christ.

Is Christian Baptism Necessary?

Christians must understand that being baptized is not a guarantee trip to heaven. However, salvation does, and it only comes through the Christ’s death and forgiveness. With this, earning it should be a genuine conversion of the self. If there is no real conversion, then baptism is just meaningless.

If a Christian believes in Jesus then they should take part in baptism. Jesus Himself was baptized, which only sends the message that the followers must follow the leading of Christ. Moreover, in the last hour of Jesus, His words were to go into the world, teach all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.

The bible is clear about this, Christians must be baptized. It is not something in order to be saved, but it is something a believer in Christ should do, because they know they are saved. Remember that those who really accepted Jesus will obey and love Him.

Being Baptized in God’s Name

We are not God. Therefore, we cannot control who gets into heaven or stay out. It is God who will judge us. More importantly, God knows our intentions, and what are inside our hearts. Like the thief when Jesus was crucified. He was not baptized yet, Jesus assured him on his place in heaven.

All are said, baptism is not a guarantee to heaven. It is a Holy practice as a believer of Christ. Furthermore, it what God wants every believer in Him to do as it is an answer to good conscience to God.