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The Importance of Jerusalem City to Christianity

Jerusalem is a place that has intertwined Christianity, Judaism, and Islam religions. The fact that the place has been mentioned in scriptures and holy readings, many people from different parts of the world pays homage and respect regardless of religion. With this, they commemorate the importance of Jerusalem city while others visit and see the place for themselves.

Tracing on the Jewish Roots of Christianity

The Bible itself is like a compilation of holy and sacred events. Since the book details every facet of the people and the place where these events took place, reading the Bible allows the Christians to learn more about the roots of Christianity and God’s promises. In this respect, Jerusalem is the place that had been mentioned in the book as the venue for these significant events. With this, the importance of Jerusalem city to Christians is undeniable.

Link to the History of Salvation

The city of Jerusalem is sacred to Christians. As a matter of fact, it has its shares of history that links to the people’s salvation. In addition to this, the place is depicted to be as a holy place in the Bible.

One of the important events that had happened in Jerusalem is where Abraham had brought his only son, Isaac, up to the Mount Moriah. It was a test from God that he had passed. In this piece of event, it depicted his worship and trust to God. Another importance of the city of Jerusalem is the significant sites in it. In Jerusalem, the Kingdom of King David was established and has become a center of worship for generations. Furthermore, Jerusalem has this magnificent temple that was built by King Solomon for all nations to have a house of prayer. These holy sites have enticed people to see the place personally and do worship.

The obvious significance of Jerusalem to Christianity is Jesus. This is the place where He had ministered and preached the poor. Later in His life, Jesus was condemned to death through crucifixion to save the people from their sins. He was then buried and resurrected to where the Holy Church of Sepulchre is now erected.

Jerusalem and Religions

The importance of Jerusalem city is not only limited to Christianity but extends as well to other religions such as Judaism and Islam. In fact, each religion has affinity and connection to Jerusalem. Nonetheless, each religion recognizes the others faith’s affinity to Jerusalem.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Jerusalem is a place that had been mentioned in the scriptures. Aside from being an earthly place, the importance of Jerusalem city to the people is unquestionable. This is because the place serves as a symbol of God’s presence and promises to the world. The events that had happened in this place make it a Holy place that contributes to Christians. This is primarily because of the roots of Christianity that can be traced back and the place’s connection to the Christian’s religion. However, the place itself also extends to other faiths such as Judaism and Islam.