Prayer is one way of showing devotion to God. In this spiritual aspect, having focus on meditation should be the primary focus and rosary is of great help. It will keep you track on how many times you have already said the prayer.We have rosaries that range in different colors such as red, brown, silver, gold, black and many more. As for the materials, the wood of an olive tree and hematite stones are used.All are said, our rosaries are just mediums to a smooth meditation. However, it is your faith that will bring forth to salvation. So keep up the faith and be with the Highest at all times.Enjoy Shopping!Always here for you.Contact us 24 7 : info@82global.com

Unique Rosary Beads

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USA and Christianity Traditions

A variety of religious beliefs and practices are categorized in USA among which the most popular religion is Christianity. Majority of Americans report themselves to be Christians and the research of 2004 claimed this stance by the result of 71% majority of Christians in US. The Christian traditions shows that approximately 25.4% are Catholics, 46.5 % of Americans are Protestants, 2% are Mormons i.e. they refer themselves as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and 1% are associated with other Christian denominations.

Protestantism in United States is the largest group of population, with its denominations, it accounts for about half of the country population. Protestants are divided into many denominations mainly, “evangelical” and “mainline”. Baptist are the largest and oldest protestant grouping in United States. Their hallmark in governance of church includes an emphasis on the importance of local congregation, a service arranged around the biblical teachings, singing of hymns and based on biblical passages a long sermon. They strongly believe in the inerrancy of Bible but a lot variety is seen across the worshipers in terms of what that inerrancy includes.

Catholicism or Catholics, as whole, contribute to second highest population of United States. In general, Catholicism is referred to the practices of several Christian churches. In full unity with the bishop of Rome, pope, the Catholic Church includes the international body of churches. These churches include both eastern and western catholic churches with different chain of command and customary ritual, supplications and spiritual performances. The teachings of Catholic Church state that the successors of Christ apostle are the bishops and pope is the successor of St. Peter who own a distinctive power in the Church. The Catholic Church as per the catholic doctrine reveals that the church is error-free and flawless in the teachings related to faith and morals.