Prayer is one way of showing devotion to God. In this spiritual aspect, having focus on meditation should be the primary focus and rosary is of great help. It will keep you track on how many times you have already said the prayer.We have rosaries that range in different colors such as red, brown, silver, gold, black and many more. As for the materials, the wood of an olive tree and hematite stones are used.All are said, our rosaries are just mediums to a smooth meditation. However, it is your faith that will bring forth to salvation. So keep up the faith and be with the Highest at all times.Enjoy Shopping!Always here for you.Contact us 24 7 : info@82global.com

Unique Rosary Beads

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What are First Communion Gifts ?

The first communion or the first Holy Communion, is a Christian ceremony held at the Catholic Church around the globe. First communion is not celebrated in all religious sects of Christianity. In eastern orthodox churches, the Assyrian church of east and the oriental orthodox churches do not practice first communion whereas, in a Roman Catholics life, this event is regarded as the most holiest and important of all. This is the first time that a person receives sacrament of the holy Eucharist i.e. the drinking of holy wine and eating of holy bread, which is regarded as the blood and body of Jesus Christ. Mostly at the age of 7 or 8 the catholic children receive their first communion because at this age it is assumed that the children has the sense of reasoning. Whereas, other children may receive their first communion at the time they fulfill the Catholic Church requirements.

Exploring a little more about the first communion, it was found that it is more celebrated in the Catholicism. This event includes large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the event. The child for first communion wear special clothes for this occasion. Talking about girls, their preference is wearing white dress which symbolizes purity, whereas, the boys are dressed in suits or tuxedos.

First communion is an important milestone in a child’s life and of course they deserve a special gift. For that parents and grandparents plan their best to make their children happy and give them the most precious gifts they deserve, making their day worth to remember. On this special occasion of children, the first communion gifts are pre– packaged and include a variety of traditional first communion gifts. These communion gifts include rosaries, Bible, crosses, prayer books and jewelry. Additionally, religious statues, icons and holy cards are also given as gifts.