Prayer is one way of showing devotion to God. In this spiritual aspect, having focus on meditation should be the primary focus and rosary is of great help. It will keep you track on how many times you have already said the prayer.We have rosaries that range in different colors such as red, brown, silver, gold, black and many more. As for the materials, the wood of an olive tree and hematite stones are used.All are said, our rosaries are just mediums to a smooth meditation. However, it is your faith that will bring forth to salvation. So keep up the faith and be with the Highest at all times.Enjoy Shopping!Always here for you.Contact us 24 7 : info@82global.com

Unique Rosary Beads

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What is an olive wood rosary beads ?

Olive plant is given considerable importance in the Holy Bible. Olive is related to many important stories written in the Bible. The olive plant is found abundantly in the city of Bethlehem which is important for its history according to the Bible as this was the place where Jesus was born. It is mentioned in the Bible

“For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of wheat, and a land of oil, olive and honey”

Olive plant is given importance in Christianity due to its characteristics mentioned in the Bible. Olive wood is used in the manufacturing of many religious products. Rosary beads are one of the religious products made from olive wood. Among the beads to create distinctive rosaries, olive wood is the choice of the manufacturers for making rosaries.

Olive wood rosary beads are the most elegant and preferred rosaries as the people like to have them because of their beauty. Rosary is a beautiful religious ornament and if it is made of olive wood then this adds to the beauty of the rosary. Olive wood has a rich symbolism attached to it because of its presence in the holy land and its presence in the life of Jesus at the olive grove of Gethsemane accounts for the preference to use it for making rosary beads. These olive wood rosary beads represents many nights of prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ in the olive garden where He also suffered the rosary mystery. The olive beads are so elegant and this adds to the beauty of the rosary.

The olive wood rosary beads has a pleasant odor which gives a sense of calmness to the user while he prays with the rosary. The olive wood rosary beads are made from the olive woods form other places as well but the honest manufacturers make the olive wood rosary beads from the original wood from Bethlehem as the olive wood of Bethlehem is considered best for making rosary. The wood is taken form Bethlehem and is shipped to Israel for manufacturing. The olive wood rosary beads are just lovely and they are highest handmade quality and are inexpensive. The olive wood rosary beads are made in different sizes with variation in the crucifix. Some have wooden crucifix while some have metals ones. The rosaries come in standard size of 8mm. The variations is also in the assembling of the beads. Some rosaries have metal hooks among beads while some have thin ropes. These variations make the rosaries more beautiful. The olive wood beads are polished for giving a beautiful finish. The rosary beads have a glittery affect due to polishing of the beads.

These rosaries that are made from the olive wood form the best catholic gifts as the receiver gets a piece of the holy land that is the land of the birth of Jesus Christ. People prefer to give olive wood rosary beads to the loved ones. Olive wood rosary beads are one of the beautiful and most preferred religious ornaments.